(Reguidit frae Neds)

Ned is a derogatory term applee'd tae certaint yung fowk in Scotland (seemilar tae the terms chav, scanger uised in the Republic o Ireland, an spide/smick in Northren Ireland). The stereoteipical view o a ned is a white adolescent male, o warkin cless backgrund, that weirs fauss Burberry, that taks pairt in hooliganism, petty creiminality, scurrivaigin, unnerage drinkin an smokin or general anti-social behaviour[1]. Thay is aften assumed tae be unemployed.

Etymology eedit

The oreigin o the term isna clear. Accordin tae Rosie Kane, umwhile MSP for the Scots Socialist Pairty ned is an acronym derived frae the phrase "non-eddicated delinquent", awtho for suith this derivation is a backronym. In addition, "uneddicated" is the ordinar term. It micht be that it comes frae an abbreviation o the nou auld farrant phrase "ne'er-dae-weil."

References eedit

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