Naitional Progressive Front (Sirie)

The Naitional Progressive Front (Arabic: الجبهة الوطنية التقدمية‎, al-Jabha al-Wataniyyah at-Taqaddumiyyah, NPF), estaiblisht in 1972, is a coalition o poleetical pairties in Sirie that uphauds the socialist an Arab naitionalist orientation o the govrenment an accepts the leadin role in society o the Arab Socialist Ba’th Pairty.

The Front wis estaiblisht by the Sirie preses Hafez al-Assad for tae allou a leemitit degree o pairteecipation in govrenment by poleetical pairties ither nor the rulin Ba'th Pairty. Its constitution allous that the Ba'th Pairty haes owerins o 50% plus ae vote on its executive comatee. A numer o seats in the Fowkcooncil o Sirie is resered for members o NPF pairties ither nor the Ba'th Pairty.

Notable pairtiesEdit