Steven Patrick Morrissey (/ˈmɒrɪs/; born 22 Mey 1959), kent mononymously as Morrissey, is an Inglis sangster, sangwriter an author. He rose tae prominence as the frontman o the Smiths, that war active frae 1982 tae 1987. Syne then, Morrissey haes haed a solo career, makkin the tap ten o the UK Singles Chart on ten occasions an reachin nummer ane on the UK Albums Chart three times.

Morrissey crop tie.jpg
Morrissey in 2005
Background information
Birth nameSteven Patrick Morrissey
Born (1959-05-22) 22 Mey 1959 (age 63)
Davyhulme, Lancashire, EIngland
  • Sangster
  • sangwriter
  • author
Years active1977–present
Associate acts


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