Monolit is a thrash metal baund frae Mostar, Bosnie an Herzegovinae, formed in 1988. It wis foondit bi Predrag Glogovac, Zlatko Mehic, Slobodan Ernjakovic an Marin Bago. The baund is forby kent as ane o pioneerin thrash metal baunds in umwhile Yugoslavie.

OreiginMostar, Bosnie an Herzegovinae
GenresThrash metal
Years active1988–present
LabelsOne Records
MembersPredrag Glogovac
Slobodan Ernjakovic
Past membersZlatko Mehic (deceased)
Marin Bago
Drazan Nastic


Awtho a baund bi the name Monolit existit in the mid 1980s, an even haed some demo recordins, that formation wis disbandit due tae creative differences.

Monolit wis foondit in 1988, in Mostar bi Predrag Glogovac, Zlatko Mehic, Slobodan Ernjakovic an Marin Bago. This same year thay recordit the first three-sang demo that got a guid reception amaingst baith fans an critics. In 1990, thay recorded the seicont three-sang demo, awtho it wis a slicht departure frae earlier works that war characterized bi heavier direction. But the new sound wis welcomed throughout Yugoslavie in aw the important music magazines. In addition, the baund expanded thair fan base, which culminatit when thay performed in Mostar.

In 1991 thay haed thair first album's worth o material recordit, an thay played at the biggest metal festival in Sarajevo, in front o 2,500 fans. Bi 1992, the social an poleetical landscape haed altered an, upon thair first meetin syne the Bosnie War in 2006, twa baund members peyed a tribute tae a lost friend. Thay recordit "Kletva", in a memory o the baund's drummer an the foondin member, Zlatko Mehic (Zuba), who haed dee'd in the war in 1993.

Later, the decision wis made for the baund tae continue on, even tho Predrag is in Norawa, an Slobodan in Canadae. Monolit released its first album, Arcana Balkanica, in 2008, a collection o auld an new sangs, an thay are currently wirkin on thair seicont release.

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  • Arcana Balkanica (2008)
  • Deimos Tapes (2012)


  • Demo (3 tracks) (1988)
  • Demo (3 tracks) (1990)


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