Monastir, Tunisie


Monastir (Arabic: المـنسـتيرal-munastîr, from the Greek wird μοναστήριον "hermit's cell, monastery", cawed [lmiˈstiːr] in Tunisian Arabic, (20 km sooth o Sousse; 162 km sooth o Tunis), is a ceety on the central shore o Tunisie, in the Sahel aurie. Traditionally a fishin port, Monastir is nou a major tourist resort. Its population is 41,400. Locatit in north-eastren Tunisie, it is the caipital o Monastir Govrenorate.


The Ribat in Monastir.

Monastir wis foondit on the ruins o the PunicRoman ceety o Ruspina. The ceety features a well preserved Ribat that wis uised tae scan the sea for hostile ships. Several ulema came tae stay tae the Ribat o this peaceful ceety for contemplation. The Ribat wis an aa ane o the filmin locations for Monty Python's Life Of Brian.


The ceety haes Monastir (Habib Bourguiba) Internaitional Airport wi flights frae maist Wastren European kintras. It is run bi Tepe Akfen Ventures Airport Holding (TAV).


Nouvelair haes its head office in Monastir in the Dkhila Tourist Zone,[1][2] near the Hôtel Sahara Beach.[3]

Notable fowkEedit

Tunisian preses Habib Bourguiba wis born in Monastir, an his mausoleum is locatit in the ceety.


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Coordinates: 35°47′N 10°50′E / 35.783°N 10.833°E / 35.783; 10.833