Maxwelltoun (Scots Gaelic: Ceann Drochaid) wis umwhile a burgh o barony an a polis burgh, an the lairgest toon in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire in Scotland. In 1929 Maxwelltoun wis mellt wi Dumfries.

Maxwelltoun War Memorial
Devorgilla Brig (c. 15t century) spangin the River Nith.

Maxwelltoun lies til the wast o the River Nith. The river wis umwhile the boond o Kirkcoubrieshire and Dumfriesshire. Maxwelltoun wis a clachan kent as Brigend up until 1810, in that year it wis made intil a burgh o barony unner its praisent name. Maxwelltoun comprises several suburbs, includin Summerhill, Troqueer, Janefield, Lochside, Lincluden, Sandside, an Summerville.

Statue of Auld Mortality and his pownie (The Sinclair Memorial)

The auldest remeenin biggin within the Dumfries urban aurie is on the Maxwelltoun side o the Nith, Lincluden Aibey. The fitbaw grund o the Queen of the South F.C. is on the Maxwelltoun side an aw. Some o the maist namely players for the club come fae the same side o the Nith, includin Ian Dickson, Billy Houliston, an Ted McMinn. Ither namely biggins is the umwhile Dumfries Mill, noo the Robert Burns Centre, wi veesitor centre, museum, film theatre, an a restaurant. Dumfries Museum an Oberservatory and the Camera Obscura is forder up on the hill as is the Sinclair Memorial. The umwhile Benedictine Convent o the Immaculate Conception staunds on a kenspeckle poseetion on Corbelly Hill. HMP Dumfries is at Jessiefield an the umwhile Maxwelltoun Burgh Coort Hoose is noo apairtments. Maxwelltoun railwey station in the Summerhill aurie on the Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway closed in 1965.


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