Max August Zorn

German mathematician

Max August Zorn (German: [tsɔʁn]; 6 Juin 1906 – 9 March 1993) wis a German mathematician. He wis a algebraist, group theorist, an numerical analyst. He is best kent for Zorn's lemma, a pouerful tuil in set theory that is applicable tae a wide range o mathematical constructs such as vector spaces, ordered sets, etc. Zorn's lemma wis first postulatit bi Kazimierz Kuratowski in 1922, an then independently bi Zorn in 1935.

Max August Zorn, Jena, 1930

Life an careerEedit

Zorn wis born in Krefeld, Germany. He attendit the Varsity o Hamburg. He receivit his Ph.D. in Apryle 1930 for a thesis on alternative algebras. He marriet Alice Schlottau an they haed ane son, Jens, an ane dochter, Liz. Jens (born 19 Juin 1931) is a emeritus professor o pheesics at the Varsity o Michigan an a accomplished sculptor. Max Zorn's grandson Eric Zorn is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

Max Zorn wis appointit as a assistant at the Varsity o Halle. Housomeivver, he did no hae the opportunity tae wirk thare for lang syne he wis forcit tae leave Germany in 1933 acause o the Nazi policies. He emigratit tae the U.S. an wis appointit a Sterling Fellae at Yale Varsity. Efter that, he muivit tae UCLA an remained till 1946. He left UCLA tae become a professor at Indiana University. He held this position frae 1946 till he retired in 1971.

Zorn dee'd in Bloomington, Indiana, Unitit States, in Mairch 1993, o congestive hert failur, accordin tae his obituar in The New York Times.

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