Manisa Province

Manisa Province (Turkis: Manisa ili) is a province in wastren Turkey. Its neighbourin provinces are İzmir tae the wast, Aydın tae the sooth, Denizli tae the sooth east, Uşak tae the east, Kütahya tae the north east, an Balıkesir tae the north. The seat o the province is the ceety o Manisa.



Manisa province is dividit intae 16 destricts (caipital estrict in bauld):

Steids o interest


The Munt Sipylus naitional pairk (Spil Dağı Milli Parkı) near the ceety o Manisa covers a richly forestit aurie, hot springs, an the famous "cryin rock" o Niobe, an a Hittite carvin o the Goddess Cybele (Mither Goddess). The pairk boasts o haein athin its bundaries aboot 120 varieties o native plants, especially wild tulips. The pairk provides opportunities for muntaineerin an campin.

Sardis, in Salihli, wis the auncient caipital o Lydia, ance ruled bi King Croesus, who wis renouned for his wealth. Due tae numerous earthquakes, maist o the visible remains date back anerlie tae Roman times. Thare are the remains o the temple o Artemis an a restored gymnasium, exhibitin o the past splendour o this auncient ceety. The splendid synagogue frae the 3rd century is worth visitin, wi its elaborate mosaics an airtfully carved colored-stane panels.

Akhisar, the auncient ceety o Thyatira, wis ane o the seiven kirks o the Beuk o Revelation an the remains o the auncient ceety is foond in pairt o the ceety cried Tepe Mezarlığı (hill cemetery). Mair recently, it became an important commercial centre in the province an is its seicont lairgest efter Manisa.

The ceety o Alaşehir is whaur the remains o the auncient ceety o Philadelphia, anither o the Seiven Kirks, is foond. Thare is little left o the auncient ceety, except some ruins o a Byzantine kirk.

Kula hooses provide bonnie examples o Ottoman airchitectur.

The veelages o the Munt Yunt (Yunt Dağı), the touns o Gördes, Kula an Demirci are famous for thair precious carpets an kilims.

In addition thare are mony thermal springs throughoot the aurie.

The province is heichlie developed in terms o industrial activities which are concentratit especially in the lairgest fower centres o Manisa, Turgutlu, Akhisar an Salihli.



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Coordinates: 38°44′58″N 28°07′22″E / 38.74944°N 28.12278°E / 38.74944; 28.12278