Louis Joseph d'Albert, Duke o Luynes

Louis Joseph Charles Amable d'Albert, Duke o Luynes (Louis Joseph Charles Amable; 4 November 1748 - 13 Mey 1807) wis a french nobleman an the 6th Duke o Luynes, He wis also a politician. He wis known as Louis Joseph. He wis the second son an fourth child o Marie Charles Louis d'Albert, Duke o Luynes an o Henriette Nicole d'Egmont. He wis buried at the Panthéon, Paris.

Louis Joseph d'Albert
Duke o Luynes
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Full name
Louis Joseph Charles Amable d'Albert
Born4 November 1748
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd3 Mey 1807 (aged 58)
Paris, Fraunce
BuiriedPanthéon, Paris, Fraunce
Noble faimilyAlbert
Spoose(s)Guionne Joséphine Elisabeth de Montmorency
Pauline, Duchess o Montmorency
Charles Marie, Duke o Luynes
FaitherMarie Charles Louis d'Albert
MitherHenriette Nicole d'Egmont
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On 9 Aprile 1768 he mairit Guionne Joséphine Elisabeth de Montmorency (1755-1830) an haed two childer;


  1. Pauline d'Albert (1774-1858), mariée à Mathieu de Montmorency, Duke o Montmorency.
  2. Charles Marie Paul André d'Albert, Duke o Luynes (16 October 1783 - 20 Mairch 1839) mairit Ermesinde de Narbonne (1785-1813) an haed one son; Honoré.