Loch Albert (Africae)

Loch Albert – an aa Albert Nyanza an umwhile Loch Mobutu Sese Seko – is ane o the African Great Lochs. It is Africae's sevent-lairgest loch, an the warld's twinty-sevent lairgest loch bi volume.

Lake Albert
Lake Albert (Uganda) (NASA).jpg
2002 NASA MODIS satellite pictur. The dotted grey line is the border atween Congo (DRC) (left) an Uganda (richt).
Coordinates1°41′N 30°55′E / 1.683°N 30.917°E / 1.683; 30.917Coordinates: 1°41′N 30°55′E / 1.683°N 30.917°E / 1.683; 30.917
Primary inflowsVictoria Nile
Primar ootflowsAlbert Nile
Basin kintrasDemocratic Republic o Congo, Uganda
Max. lenth160 km
Max. weenth30 km
Surface aurie5,300 km² (2,046 sq. mi.)
Average deepth25 m
Max. deepth58 m
Watter vollum132 km³[1]
Surface elevation615 m (2,018 ft)
SettlementsButiaba, Pakwach


  1. a b The Nile