A loch is a muckle bit o watter (muckler an deeper nor a dub or pownd) athin a bit o land. A smaw loch is cawed a lochan.

Loch in Bariloche, Argentinae
A coo by a loch in Fraunce

Lochs come in twa kynds:

  • A bit o watter hailly surroondit by land. Acause this kynd o loch isna connectit tae ony ocean, it isna a sea. Some lochs are gey big an fowk in the past whiles cried thaim seas (e.g Caspian Sea). Lochs daena flowe, like rivers, but it is common that rivers flowe intil or oot o thaim.
  • A sea loch is a name uised for a firth. Acause thae is connectit tae the ocean, thay are sautwatter lochs.