A loch is a muckle bit o watter (mair bigger an deeper nor a dub or pownd) athin a bit o land. A smaw loch is cawed a lochan.

Loch in Bariloche, Argentinae
A coo by a loch in Fraunce

Lochs comes in twa kynds:

  • A bit o watter hailly surroondit by land. Acause this kynd o loch isna connectit tae ony ocean, it isna a sea. Some lochs is gey big an fowk in the past whiles cryed thaim seas (e.g Caspian Sea). Lochs disna flowe, like rivers, but rivers aften flowes intil or oot o thaim.
  • A sea loch is a name uised for a firth. Acause thae is connectit tae the ocean, thay are sautwatter lochs.