Lisboa Region (Portuguese: Região de Lisboa) is ane o the seiven NUTS II designatit regions o Portugal, that includes twa NUTS III subregions: Greater Lisbon an Peninsulae o Setúbal. The region covers an aurie o 2710.24 km² (the smawest region on mainland Portugal) an includes a population o 2,815,851 inhabitants accordin tae the 2011 census[5] (a densitie o 1039 inhabitants per kilometer square o territory.

Região de Lisboa
The port o Lisbon, the terminus o activities in the Region o Lisboa, that extends intae Tagus estuary
Name oreegin: Lisboa, Portuguese for Lisbon
Kintra  Portugal
Region Lisboa
Capital Lisbon
 - elevation 2 m (7 ft)
 - coordinates 38°42′25″N 9°8′7″W / 38.70694°N 9.13528°W / 38.70694; -9.13528Coordinates: 38°42′25″N 9°8′7″W / 38.70694°N 9.13528°W / 38.70694; -9.13528
Lowest point Sea level
 - location Atlantic Ocean
Area 2,710.24 km2 (1,046 sq mi)
Population 2,815,851 (2011)
Density 1,038.97/km2 (2,691/sq mi)
Timezone WET (UTC+0)
 - summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)
GDP per caipita (PPS) € 22,745 (2004)[1]
€ 23,816 (2005)[2]
€ 25,200 (2006)[3]
€ 26,100 (2007)[4]
Location of the Lisboa Region in context of the national borders
Statistics from INE (2005); geographic detail from Instituto Geográfico Português (2010)



Prior tae 2002 the aurie wis includit athin the NUTS II region o Lisboa e Vale do Tejo (that includit three ither subregions an aw).

NUTS II region an aurie o intervention o the CCDRLVT


"Despite the territorial configuration for statistical purposes (National Statistical Seestem in Portugal), in force syne 2007, matchin the NUTS II the Lisbon, Region Greater Lisbon (AML) - composed anerlie NUTSIII Greater Lisbon an Setúbal Peninsulae - the aurie o intervention o the CCDRLVT - Steerin Committee an Regional Development, abbreviatit tae CCDR - (the Lisbon an the Tagus Valley), continues tae be composed o 5 NUTSIII (Sub-regions: Greater Lisbon, Setúbal Peninsula, Middle Tagus, an Lezíria Wast Coast).

For the Regional Funds, management responsibilities unner the policy o the European Union in Portugal, this regions it's the region o Lisbon that consists o Grande Lisboa an Península de Setúbal, for regional plannin (Run, monitor an evaluate, at regional level, policies on environment, natur conservation, land management an ceety) the region is cried Lisbon an the Tagus Valley (LVT), composed bi 5 NUTSIII (Sub-regions: Greater Lisbon, Setúbal Peninsulae, Middle Tagus, an Lezíria Wast Coast)."

In practical terms, the region can be considered as representin the Lisbon Metropolitan Aurie. It is a region o significant importance in industrie (licht an hivy), services an agricultur.



The 18 municipalities:


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