Leicester City F.C.

Leicester City Football Club /ˌlɛstər ˈsɪti/, alsae kent as the Foxes, is an Inglis professional fitba club based at the King Power Stadium in Leicester.[2] Thay play in the EFL Championship, haevin been relegatit as 18t o the Premier League in 2022–23, signallin a return tae the seicont division o Inglis fitba efter a decade. They won the Premier League fur the first time in 2015–16.

Leicester City
Full nameLeicester City Football Club
Nickname(s)The Foxes, City, Blue Army
Foondit1884; 140 years ago (1884)
(as Leicester Fosse)
GroundKing Power Stadium, Leicester (Filbert Way)
Ground Capacity32,262[1]
AwnerKing Power International
ChairmanAiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha
ManagerBrendan Rodgers
2022–23Premier League, 18t o 20 (relegatit)
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

The club wis foondit in 1884 as Leicester Fosse FC,[3] playin on a field near Fosse Road. They muivit tae Filbert Street in 1891, an wur electit tae the Football League in 1894 an adoptit the name Leicester City in 1919. They muivit tae the nearbi Walkers Stadium in 2002,[4] that wis renamit the King Power Stadium efter a chynge o awnership in 2011.

Leicester's 2015–16 Premier League win wis their first tap-level fitbaw championship. Bi some measures it wis the greatest sportin upset iver: maist buikmakers haed nivver paid oot at such lang odds for ony sport.[5][6][7] Afore this, the club's hichtest finish wis seicont place in Division One in 1928–29. The club holds sax Seicont Divesion title an ane League Ane title. They hae won the League Cup three time, an hae been FA Cup runners-up fower time.

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