Le Kram is a toun an commune in the Tunis Govrenorate, Tunisie. Situatit atween La Goulette, the port o Tunis an Carthage, it opens ontae the Gulf o Tunis tae the east an Lake o Tunis tae the wast. As o 2004 it haed a population o 58,152.[1] Afore 2001, Le Kram wis a municipal destrict athin the municipality borderin La Goulette.

Aga El Kram is the oreeginal name o the ceety that is in Frenchified "Le Kram". Professor Mohamed El Aziz Ben Achour speaks well o the foonder o the ceety:

"Mustapha Aga [...] living peacefully in his palace in the area of Carthage, in the midst of an extensive orchard with fig trees are the source of the name of the village which was established later in this location... "

Thir gardens wur oreeginally the name o the ceety acause kram means in Arabic a fig or a fruit tree in general. Ahmed Bey, who is I haed attributit this field in its War Meenister Agha. Kram haes been hame tae mony Europeans unner the French protectorate. Thay then wur buildin hooses alang the beach. Modest or sumptuous villas it haes nou been supersedit bi trainin centers an residential Kram Salammbo. Ane can still admire some o the gardens surroondin the houses, the auldest biggit in a sytle Islamic Tunis an the big bourgeoisie in a style purely Italian as evidenced bi the still Carmencita, a sma toun street Sakiet Sidi Youssef (formerly Rue Jules Ferry ). This toun wis developed mainly as a result o the openin o joinin TGM Khereddine sooth an La Goulette, Carthage Salammbo an north.

The centre o Salammbo hooses, amang ither curiosities, the remains o Carthage Punic ports, the Tophet (or saucrit aurie) o auncient Carthaginians an the buildings o the Institute an Museum o Oceanography

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Coordinates: 36°50′N 10°19′E / 36.833°N 10.317°E / 36.833; 10.317