Le Bardo (an aa Bārdaw, Bardaw, an Bardois) is a Tunisian ceety wast o Tunis. As o 2004, the population is 73,953.

Biggit bi the Hafsid dynasty in the 15t century, the name Bardo comes frae the Spaingie wird "pardo" meanin a garden. Bardo became a residence o the Tunis court in the 18t century. Wi the arrival o Husseinite beys, Bardo became a political, intellectual an releegious center. The ancient beys residence wis actually the site o the Tunisian National Assembly siege, an the National Museum opened thare in 1882.

The ceety gave its name tae the Treaty o Bardo, signed in nearby Ksar Saïd palace, which placed Tunisia unner French protectorate in 1881.

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