Lada Priora is an economy caur (VAZ-2170/71/72) produced bi the Roushie automaker AvtoVAZ since Mairch, 2007. It is lairgely a restyled Lada 110.

Body styles eedit

  • VAZ-2170: base sedan (is produced since Mairch 2007);
  • VAZ-2171 Universal: station wagon (is produced since Mey 2009);
  • VAZ-2172: 5-door hatchback (is produced since Februar, 2008);
  • VAZ-2172 Coupé: 3-door hatchback, based on the 5-door hatchback (is produced since 18 Januar 2010 - limited production);
  • VAZ-21708 Priora Premier: lang-wheelbase version o the sedan, wi an extra 175 mm (is produced in sma numbers since the hairst o 2008);

An aa convertible versions are going tae be produced in sma numbers, accordin tae the demand.

Equipment eedit

Even base Prioras come wi standard driver's side airbag an electric pouer steerin. Since Mey 2008, Lada Priora affers a «Lux» package, which includes passenger airbag, seat belt pretensioners in the front seats, ABS an parkin sensors. In addition, some packages add standard air conditionin wi climate control, integratit audio wi bluetooth handsfree, heatit front seats, automatic headlamps an rain sensor. On the ither hand, automatic transmission, electronic stability control an side airbags are no affered.

Motor sport eedit

The LADA Sport team contestit the latter pairt o the 2009 World Touring Car Championship saison wi a trio o Prioras, haein startit the saison wi Lada 110s.

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