Korzus is a Brazilian thrash metal baund, formit in 1983 in São Paulo. They are ane o the auldest an maist important baunds o the Brazilian thrash metal scene, alang wi baunds like Sarcófago an Sepultura. Their first release wis issued in the seminal metal compilation cried SP Metal on Baratos Afins label back in 1985.

OreiginSão Paulo, Brazil
GenresThrash metal
Years active1983—present
LabelsAFM Records
MembersMarcello Pompeu (vocal)
Heros Trench (guitar)
Antônio Araújo (guitar)
Dick Siebert (bass guitar)
Rodrigo Oliveira(drums)
Past membersSilvio Golfetti
Beto Sileci
Marcelo Nicastro
Fernando Scheafer

They chyngit the lineup a lot o times syne the birth o the baund, but three members, Marcello Pompeu (on vocals), Silvio Golfetti (on guitars) an Dick (on bass guitar) remained. The classic lineup o the baund (1988–1992) wis Marcello Pompeu (vocals), Silvio Golfetti (guitars), Marcelo Nicastro (guitars), Dick (bass) an Roberto Betão Sileci (drums, replacin Zema who committit suicide in 1988).


  • Korzus Live (1985)
  • Sonho Maníaco (1987)
  • Pay For Your Lies (1989)
  • Mass Illusion (1991)
  • KZS (1994)
  • Live At Monsters Of Rock (1998)
  • Ties Of Blood (2004)
  • Discipline of Hate (2010)