Kleve or Kreis Kleve (Cleves in umwhile Inglis uise) is a Kreis (local-govrenment destrict) in northwastren North Rhine-Westphalie, Germany. Neeebourin destricts are Borken, Wesel, an Viersen in Germany, an the Dutch provinces o Limburg an Gelderland.

Kleve (Cleves)
North rhine w KLE.svg
Kintra Germany
StateNorth Rhine-Westphalie
Adm. regionDüsseldorf
CaipitalKleve (Cleves)
 • Total1,232.15 km2 (475.74 sq mi)
 (31 Dizember 2015)[1]
 • Tot310,337
 • Density250/km2 (650/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Vehicle registrationKLE


The destrict in its present borders wis creatit in 1975 when the umwhile destrict o Kleve an Geldern wis mergit wi the Rees Destrict touns o Emmerich an Rees an the Moers Destrict municipality o Rheurdt.

The twa precursor destricts haed been creatit in 1816 when the whole o the Rhineland became a province o Prussia. Territorially they corresponded roughly tae the historic duchies o Cleves an Guelders.


The district is located in the lower valley of the Rhine, in the region where that river flows into the Netherlands.

Coat o airmsEedit

The coat o airms, which wis grantit in 1983, combines the shields o the twa constituent duchies.

The dexter side depicts the emblem o the dukes o Cleves: On a red (gules) field a white (argent) escutcheon (shield shape) wi an aichtfauld fleur-de-lys (escarbuncle/metal shield reinforcement). The sinister side shows a gowden (or) lion (in rampant position) on a blue (azure) field (backgrund): the emblem o the dukes o Geldern.

Touns an municipalitiesEedit

Towns (Städte) Municipalities (Gemeinden)
  1. Emmerich
  2. Geldern
  3. Goch
  4. Kalkar
  5. Kevelaer
  6. Kleve (Cleves)
  7. Rees
  8. Straelen
  1. Bedburg-Hau
  2. Issum
  3. Kerken
  4. Kranenburg
  5. Rheurdt
  6. Uedem
  7. Wachtendonk
  8. Weeze

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