toon in the Kingdom o' Fife, Scotland

Kirkcaldy (Aboot this soondpronunced : [kɪrˈkɔːdi], whyls spelt Kirkcaudy[1][2][3] an kent as the Lang Toun anaw) (Scots Gaelic: Cathair Challdainn) is a toun in Fife wi aboot fiftie thousan indwallers.

High Street (East End) Kirkcaudy

Tradeitional industrie is dwynin but the makkin o linoleum yit gaes on.

Adam Smith, writer o The Wealth of Nations wis born in the toun. Monie ither weil-kent fowk wis born in this toun forby. Amang thaim wis Mairjorie Fleemin the poet (Marjorie Fleming in Inglis), Robert Aidam the airchitect (his faither William an brither James forby). Gordon Broun's faither wis the meinister o St Brycedale kirk an Broun hissel bade in the Lang Toun whyl he wis a bairn.

The toun haes monie things til interest veisitors. The Airt Gailerie an Museum has weil-kent pentins bi airtists o the Glesca Boys an Scottis Colourist skuils. Ower the street is the Aidam Smith Theater. The toun hauds the Links Mercat ilka yeir an locals wad sey that it's Europe's langest street fair (but that's doutfu).

The toun's senior fitba team is the Raith Rovers, promotit til the Scots First Diveision in 2009.


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Coordinates: 56°06′39″N 3°10′03″W / 56.1107°N 3.1674°W / 56.1107; -3.1674