Kezia Alexandra Ross Dugdale (born 28 August 1981)[1] is a Labour politician wha wis the Leader o the Scots Labour Pairty frae 15 August 2015 tae 29 August 2017, when she propaled her demission as Labour leader.[2] In July 2019, Dugdale wis nae langer a memmer o the Scots Pairlament,[3] nor the Labour pairty.[4]

Kezia Dugdale

Leader o the Scots Labour Pairty
In office
15 August 2015 – 29 August 2017
DeputeAlex Rowley
LeaderHarriet Harman (Actin)
Jeremy Corbyn
Precedit biJim Murphy
Succeedit biRichard Leonard
Depute Leader o the Scots Labour Pairty
In office
13 December 2014 – 13 Juin 2015
LeaderJim Murphy
Precedit biAnas Sarwar
Succeedit biAlex Rowley
Shaidae Cabinet poseetions
Scots Labour Spokesperson for Finance an the Constitution
In office
25 Mey 2016 – 29 August 2017
LeaderAlex Rowley (Acting)
Jackie Baillie (Actin)
Richard Leonard
Precedit biJackie Baillie
Succeedit biJackie Baillie (Economy, Fair Wark an Jobs)
James Kelly (Finance an the Constitution)
Scots Labour Spokesperson for Eddication an Lifelang Learnin
In office
29 Juin 2013 – 13 December 2014
LeaderJohann Lamont
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biIain Gray
Member o the Scots Pairlament
for Lowden
(1 o 7 Regional MSPs)
In office
5 Mey 2011 – 15 Julie 2019
Precedit biFiona Hyslop
Succeedit biSarah Boyack
Personal details
Born (1981-08-28) 28 August 1981 (age 42)
Aiberdeen, Scotland
Poleetical pairtyLabour Co-operative
Domestic partnerLouise Riddell
ResidenceLochend, Edinburgh
Alma materAiberdeen Varsity
Edinburgh Varsity


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