Kapampangan leid

The Kapampangan leid, is ane o the major leids o the Philippines. It is the leid spoken in the province o Pampanga, the soothren hauf o the province o Tarlac an the northren portion o the province o Bataan. Kapampangan is unnerstuid in some barangays o Bulacan an Nueva Ecija an bi the Aitas or Aeta o Zambales an aw. The leid is spelled Capampañgan an is cried Pampango an aw, an in the Kapampangan leid: Amánung Sísuan, meanin "the mither leid".

Amánung Sísuan
Amanung Sisuan in Kulitan.svg
Amánung Sísuan (Kapampangan)
in Kapampangan script
Native taePhilippines
RegionCentral Luzon
EthnicityKapampangan fowk
Native speakers
(1.9 million citit 1990 census)[1]
6t maist-spoken native
leid in the Philippines[2]
Laitin (Kapampangan
or Spainyie alphabet);
Historically written in: Kulitan(forby
kent as Matuang Kudlitan,
Pamagkulit or Súlat Kapampángan)
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in
Regional leid in the Philippines
Regulatit biCommission on the Filipino Leid
Leid codes
ISO 639-2pam
ISO 639-3pam


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