Justin I (Laitin: Flavius Iustinus Augustus, Ancient Greek: Ἰουστίνος; c. 450 – 1 August 527) wis Byzantine Emperor frae 518 tae 527. He rose through the ranks o the airmy an ultimately acame its Emperor, in spite o the fact he wis illiterate[1] an almaist 70 year auld at the time o accession. His reign is signeeficant for the foondin o the Justinian Dynasty that includit his eminent nephew Justinian I an for the enactment o laws that de-emphasized the influence o the auld Roman nobility. His consort wis Empress Euphemia.

Justin I
Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Tremissis o Emperor Justin I
Ring518 – 1 August 527
PredecessorAnastasius I
SuccessorJustinian I
Bornc. 450
Bederiana, near Naissus (Niš, Serbia)
Dee'd1 August 527 (aged 77)
Full name
Flavius Justinus Augustus
DynastyJustinian Dynasty

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