Joey Barton (born 2 September, 1982) is a fitbaa player that hails frae Ingland, but is o Irish ancestry. He played his gemme wi Newcastle Unitit F.C. amang ither clubs.

Joey Barton

Efter the Warld Cup in 2006, Barton suggyresded Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard cashed in on Ingland's puir performance by settin furth beuks aboot it. He said "Ingland did naething in that warld cup, sae why are thay bringin beuks oot? 'We gat beat in the quarter-feenals, a played like shite, here's ma beuk' Who wants tae read that? A daen't".

Barton haes been in tribble wi the polis efter a fecht wi Ousmane Dabo in Apryle 2007.