Jocotenango (alternate: Xocotenango; translation frae Kaqchikel: "place o mony plums")[1] is a smaw municipality in the northeast section o Guatemalan depairtment o Sacatepéquez,[2] an is situatit north o Antigua Guatemala. It haes seiven zones, twa veelages, an ane hamlet. Accordin tae the 2002 Guatemalan Census, the municipality haes a tot population o 18,562 or which approximately 1,072 are native population an the balance are hamelt; an thareby 16,692 live in an urban aurie, while the balance are landwart dwallers.[3]

Jocotenango Kirk
Jocotenango Kirk
Jocotenango is located in Guatemala
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°34′55″N 90°44′37″W / 14.58194°N 90.74361°W / 14.58194; -90.74361
Kintra Guatemala
 • Total9 km2 (3 sq mi)
 • Total18,562
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Time)

Jocotenango is the birthplace o Grammy Award-winnin sangster an sangwriter Ricardo Arjona.

History Eedit

Previously considered a suburb, it receivit municipality status in the middle o the 19t century.[1]

Geografie Eedit

It is 9.96 sq mi (25.8 km2) in size an is situated 1,540 m (5,050 ft) abuin sea level. Cerro El Narizón ("Big Nose Muntain"), ane o the peaks o the El Rejon range is nearbi, reachin an elevation o 2,247 m (7,372 ft). Hydrographic featurs include the Rio Guacalate, streams, an a creek. Jocotenango is locatit in a muntainous rain forest in a sub-tropical region. Accordin tae the 2003 Ministerio de Agricultura report, thareby 93 hectares are uised for agricultur, while 75 hectares are in forest. Deposits o Placedrín Andesite hae been foond here.[4]

Vulnerability tae naitural disaster is evidencit bi severe erosion tae the Rio Guacalate basin, forest fires, accelerated deforestation, an floods. Slope sediment, alang wi poor soil management, is maist visible in the veelages o La Rinconada an Vista Hermosa. An annual threat tae the populatit auries is fluidin in periods o rainfaw. It requires the municipality tae clear hunders o cubic metres o sediment that accumulates in the streets. This teep o erosion causes loss o productive soil capacity, exposur o basement rock, an generation o landslides an mudslides.[5]

The average rainfaw is 1344 mm/year while the temperatur varies atween 16 an 23 °C.[2]

Flora an fauna Eedit

The forest coverage rate is important for toun's socioeconomics. Maist o the firthit aurie, is locatit on the hill Panza de Burro an near the municipal yard. Flora includes species o oak, cypress, an palo de jiote (Bursera simaruba).[6]

The fauna is associatit wi craps that predominate the aurie lik cotuza, coyote, mouse opossum, rabbit, squirrels, white-tailed deer, an gophers. Birds include, hummingbird, quail, hawk, an dou.[6]

Cultur Eedit

The reid brick Jocotenango Kirk lees in the toun.

La Azotea ("roof") Cultural Centre featurs, biggit on an auncient coffee estate,[7] haes three museums. Casa K’ojom ("Hoose o K'ojom"), a muisic museum, featurs tradeetional Maya muisical instruments lik diatomic harp, drums, flutes, marimbas, ocarinas, an whistles. Masks, paintins, tradeetional costumes an crafts are exhibitit an aw. The Museo del Café ("Museum o Coffee") is dedicatit tae the history an evolution o coffee cultivation. Coffee beans are displayed in varyin stages o production, antique equipment can be viewed, an as it is situatit at an actual plantation, on-steid tours are available.[8] Thare is a smaw costume museum an aw.[9]

Its main festival is celebratit ilka year in the week o August 8.[1]

Transportation Eedit

Buses boond frae Antigua’s bus terminal tae Chimaltenango stap at Jocotenango.[8]

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