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Chilean Novelist

Isabel Allende (Spaingie: [isaˈβel aˈʝende] ( listen); born 2 August 1942) is a Chilean writer.[1][2] Allende, whose wirks sometimes contain aspects o the "magic realist" tradeetion, is famous for novels such as The House of the Spirits (La casa de los espíritus, 1982) an City of the Beasts (La ciudad de las bestias, 2002), which hae been commercially successful. Allende haes been cried "the warld's maist widely read Spainyie-leid author".[3] In 2004, Allende wis inductit intae the American Academy of Arts and Letters,[4] an in 2010, she receivit Chile's Naitional Leeteratur Prize.[5]

Isabel Allende
Isabel Allende - 001.jpg
Allende in Barcelona, 2008
BornIsabel Allende Llona
(1942-08-02) 2 August 1942 (age 80)
Lima, Peru
ThriftAuthor, jurnalist
Notable awairdsNaitional Prize for Leeteratur
SpooseMiguel Frías (1962-1987)
Willie Gordon (1988-present)
BairnsPaula (1963-1992), Nicolás

Allende's novels are aften based upon her personal experience an pay homage tae the lives o weemen, while weavin thegither elements o meeth an realism. She haes lectured an toured mony American colleges tae teach leeteratur. Fluent in Inglis as a seicont leid, Allende wis grantit American ceetizenship in 2003, haein livit in Californie wi her American husband syne 1989.


  • Novel of the Year (Chile, 1983)
  • Panorama Literario (Chile, 1983)
  • Author of the Year (Germany, 1984)
  • Book of the Year (Germany, 1984)
  • Grand Prix d'Evasion (France, 1984)
  • Grand Prix de la Radio Télévision Belge (Point de Mire, 1985)
  • Best Novel (Mexico, 1985)
  • Colima Literary Prize (Mexico, 1986)
  • Quality Paperback Book Club New Voice (United States; 1986 nominee)
  • Author of the Year (Germany, 1986)
  • XV Premio Internazionale I Migliori Dell'Anno (Italy, 1987)
  • Premio Mulheres a la Mejor Novela Extranjera (Portugal, 1987)
  • Los Angeles Times Book Prize nominee (United States, 1987)
  • Library Journal's Best Book (United States, 1988)
  • Before Columbus Foundation Award (United States, 1989)
  • Orden al Mérito Docente y Cultural Gabriela Mistral (Chile, 1990)
  • XLI Bancarella Literary Prize (Italy, 1993)
  • Independent Foreign Fiction Award (England, June–July 1993)
  • Brandeis University Major Book Collection Award (United States, 1993)
  • Feminist of the Year Award, The Feminist; Majority Foundation (United States, 1994)
  • Chevalier des Artes et des Lettres distinction (France, 1994)
  • Critics' Choice (United States, 1996)
  • Books to Remember, American Library Assoc. (United States, 1996)
  • Hispanic Heritage Award in Literature (United States, 1996).[6]
  • Malaparte Amici di Capri (Italy, 1998)
  • Donna Citta Di Roma (Italy, 1998)
  • Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize (United States, 1998)
  • Sara Lee Foundation (United States, 1998)
  • Premio Iberoamericano de Letras José Donoso, University of Talca (Chile, 2003)
  • Premio Honoris Causa, Università di Trento en "lingue e letteratura moderne euroamericane" (Trento, Italy, May 2007)
  • Chilean National Prize for Literature (Chile, 2010)
  • Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award (Denmark, 2012)[7][8]


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