Huanímaro is a Mexican ceety (an municipality) locatit in Soothwast region o the state o Guanajuato. The municipality haes a aurie o 130.57 square kilometres (0.43% o the surface o the state) an is bordered tae the north an wast bi Abasolo, tae the sooth bi the state o Michoacán, an tae the east bi Valle de Santiago. The municipality haed a population o 19,693 inhabitants accordin tae the 2005 census.[1][2]

The name o the municipality is o Tarascan Cuaimaro oreegin an means "Place o barter" or "Place whaur the maize toasts."

The municipal preses o Huanímaro an its 28 ootlyin commonties is José Francisco Chávez González [3]

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Coordinates: 20°22′3″N 101°29′49″W / 20.36750°N 101.49694°W / 20.36750; -101.49694