Herbert Kitchener

Herbert Kitchener (24 Juin 1850 – 5 Juin 1916) wis a Breetish general. born in Ballylongford, Ireland. He wis sent tae Swisserland tae gang tae militar heich skale at age 13. At age 20 he enlistit in th' French airmy as a mercenary durin' th' Franco-Prussian War. he eventually becam th' Breetish sirdar (ur commander-in-chief) ay th' Egyptian airmy an' later wis commander ay Breetain's forces in th' Boer War. In th' First Warld War he ran th' war ministry. Kitchener wis murthured in a ship mishanter in 1916. Some believed that th' Roushie communists murthured him.

The Earl Kitchener
Horatio Herbert Kitchener.jpg
Birth nameHoratio Herbert Kitchener
Born24 June 1850
Ballylongford, Coonty Kerry, Ireland
Dee'd5 Juin 1916(1916-06-05) (aged 65)
HMS Hampshire, sunk wast o the Orkney Islands, Scotland
Allegiance Unitit Kinrick
Service/branchFlag of the British Army.svg Breetish Airmy
Years o service1871–1916
RankField Marshal
Commands heldMahdist War (1884–1899)
Seicont Boer War (1900–1902)
Commander-in-Chief, Indie (1902–1909)
Battles/warsFranco-Proushie War
Mahdist War:

Seicont Boer War:

First Warld War
AwairdsKnig=cht o the Gairten
Knicht o the Order o St Patrick
Knicht Grand Cross o the Order o the Bath
Member o the Order o Meerit
Knicht Grand Commander o the Order o the Starn o Indie
Knicht Grand Cross o the Order o St Michael an St George
Knicht Grand Commander o the Order o the Indian Empire
RelationsHenry Kitchener, 2nt Yerl Kitchener
Sir Frederick Walter Kitchener
Ither wirkBreetish Consul-General in Egyp (1911–1914)
Secretar o State for War, Unitit Kinrick (1914–1916)

The ceety of Kitchener, Ontario wis named efter Herbert Kitchener in 1916.[1]


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