The prophet Muhammad gaun up tae hieven
Gustave Doré's pictur o hieven frae the Divine Comedy

Hieven is a concept o the efterlife in mony releegions, maist aften Abrahamic anes. Thaim that believes in hieven threaps that it is a place that is perfit; the place whaur fowk gangs efter daith gin thay'v been guid in this life. Some fowk believes in Hell an aw, the destination for fowk that haes been ill. Ideas o Hieven an Hell isna the same in aw releegions; mony releegions disna hae the concepts ava.

The hievens is anither wey o sayin the sky, lift or ooter space, acause aerly fowk believed that hieven wis a pheesical place. This place wis locate in the sky.

In Christianity, Hieven is the place whaur God bides. It is anither wird for the speeritual warld, acause the Christian God is pure speerit. Houaniver, the prophets o the Bible, like Isaiah, aften spak o a pheesical Kinrick o Hieven that'll occupee a new Yird, an be ruled bi God (the Messiah) in the flesh hissel, whaur fowk will hae pheesical bodies that winna dee anither daith.

Mony fowk that believies in Hieven the day haes ideas different frae thaim expoondit in the Bible.