Heich Stewart o Scotland

The teetle o Heich Stewart or Great Stewart wis gien in the 12t century tae Walter Fitzalan, whase descendants acame the Hoose o Stewart. In 1371, the last Heich Stewart inheritit the throne, an thareefter the teetle o Heich Stewart o Scotland haes been held as a subsidiary teetle tae that o Baron o Renfrew & Duke o Rothesay, held bi the heir-apparent. Thus, currently, The Prince o Wales is Heich Stewart o Scotland, sometimes kent as the Prince an Great Stewart o Scotland.

Pairt o the Heich Stewart's role wis managin the Keeng's finances. Medieval financiers uised chequered claes tae help them coont coins, hence the chequered baund in the Heich Stewart's airms

Heich Stewarts o Scotland, c. 1150–present Eedit