Hawalli (Arabic: حولي‎) is the caipital o the Hawalli Govrenorate locatit in the State o Kuwait.



Dome o Al Othman Mosque in Hawalli
Dome o Al Othman Mosque in Hawalli
Hawalli is located in Kuwait
Coordinates: 29°20′N 48°2′E / 29.333°N 48.033°E / 29.333; 48.033
Kintra Kuwait
GovrenorateHawalli Govrenorate
 • Total164,212
Time zoneUTC+3 (AST)

Hawalli is a lairge suburb an the commercial center for maist computer-relatit guids in Kuwait. Prior tae the first Guwf War, it hoosed a lairge number o Palestinians, but mony wur expelled efter the war. Currently, Hawalli is hame tae mony o the Arab populations in Kuwait.

As o 31 December 2007 the population o Hawalli is estimatit tae be 164,212 (source PACI: [1] Archived 2008-05-05 at the Wayback Machine).

The Al Qadsiya sports club resides athin Hawalli an aw. Its fitbaa stadium is ane o the maist famous in Kuwait an is a popular venue for mony internaitional matches that happen athin the region. An aw, Hawalli haulds its awn theme pairk namit Hawally Park. Near the Hawally Park resides the Muhallab maw wur mony extravagant an various shops tak place.

Education eedit

The American Schuil o Kuwait is in Hawalli.

The New Pakistan Internaitional Schuil is in Hawalli.[1]

Sport eedit

Hawalli is hame tae Qadsia SC an Mohammed Al-Hamad Stadium

Embassies in Hawalii eedit

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References eedit

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