Hanne Dahl (born 30 August 1970) is a Dens priestess an politeecian frae Aalborg. She is a member o the European Parliament, representin the Juin Muivement (Dens: Junibevægelsen).[1]

Hanne Dahl

Biografie eedit

Dahl is pairtly grew up in Malaysie, Indonesie an Singapore, whare she attendit the American Internaitional Schuil, graduatit frae Aarhus Cathedral Schuil 1990 an studiet theology at the University o Aarhus in 1991. She wirkit as a project assistant 1999-2002, unthirlt congregation pastor o Himmerland 1998 - 2005 , Project 2002-2004, poleetical assistant in the European Parliament 2004-2008. She wis established commentator on Weekendavisen 2000-2002 an buird member o the Free Teacher Schuil in Ollerup 2002-2004 an aw.

In 2009, she wis appointed vicar o Hasseris parish at Aalborg. The follaein year she became pastor o Morso Frimenighed in the Baltic Jølby.

She is marriet an haes a dochter wi Mogens Ove Madsen, Associate Professor o Economics at Aalborg University. Frae a previous marriage, she haes a son an a dochter.

References eedit

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