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Cheenae Eedit

Cheenese history Eedit

  • Han (Wastren Zhou state) (韓) (11t century BC – 757 BC), a state durin the Ware an Hairst period
  • Han (state) (韓) (403  BC – 230  BC), a state durin the Warrin States period
  • Han Dynasty (漢) (206 BC – 220 AD), a dynasty split intae 2 eras, Wastren Han an Eastren Han
    • Shu Han (221–263), ane o the Three Kinricks
  • Han Zhao (304–329), ane o the Saxteen Kinricks, kent as Han (漢) afore 319
  • Cheng Han (304–347), ane o the Saxteen Kinricks, kent as Han (漢) efter 338
  • Umwhile Shu (907–925), a state durin the Five Dynasties an Ten Kinricks period, kent as Han (漢) afore 917
  • Soothren Han (漢) (917–971), a state durin the Five Dynasties an Ten Kinricks period
  • Later Han (Five Dynasties) (漢) (947–951), a state durin the Five Dynasties an Ten Kinricks period
    • Northren Han (951–979), successor tae Later Han, durin the Five Dynasties an Ten Kingdoms period an aw
  • Han (漢) (1360–1363), an insurgent state foondit bi Chen Youliang in the Yuan Dynasty

Ither uisses Eedit

  • Cheenae (漢), an abbreviation or adjectival modifeer for things Cheenese
  • Cheenese leid (漢語 Hanyu) or Cheenese characters (漢字 Hanzi) or Cheenese written leid (漢文 Hanwen)
  • Han (surname), an aw Haan, Hahn or Hann, the Romanisit spellin o mony Cheenese faimily names: 韓(韩), 邗, 罕, 寒, 憨, 漢, etc.
  • Han Cheenese (漢族 Hanzu, 漢人 Hanren), the dominant majority ethnic group o Cheenae an owerseas Cheenese
  • Khan (title), or Han in Cheenese transliteration, oreeginally Central Asie title for a sovereign or militar ruler
  • Han class submarine, or Teep 091 submarine, the first nuclear pouered submarine class (SSN) deployit bi the Fowkleeberation Navy

Fraunce Eedit

Iran Eedit

  • Han, Iran, a veelage in Sistan an Baluchestan Province, Iran

Japan Eedit

Korea Eedit

  • Han (cultural), a Korean cultural concept o lament
  • Han (Korean name), a Korean surname (한, 韓 or 漢), romanisit as "Hahn" an aw
  • Korea, an abbreviation for "Hanguk" (한국, 韓國), the Korean leid name for Korea
  • Korean leid (한국어 Hangug-eo) or Hangul (한글 Hangeul)
  • a airchaic Korean ruit meanin "great" or "leader"; transliteratit intae hanja as 韓, 幹, or 刊; see Names o Korea
  • Samhan, three confederacies o chiefdoms on the soothren Korean peninsula in the Proto-Three Han Kinricks Period

Vietnam Eedit

  • HAN, the International Air Transport Association code for Noi Bai Internaitional Airport serving Hanoi
  • Hán, a term describin the uise o Cheenese characters in writin Vietanamese leid

Ither uisses Eedit

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