Halyruid (Inglis: Holyrood) is an aurie o Edinburgh, the caipital o Scotland.

The Scots Pairlament biggin situate in Halyruid.

Locatit richt tae the east o the ceety centre, at the end o the Ryal Mile, Halyruid wis ance in the separate burgh o Canongate afore the expansion o Edinburgh in 1856. Waster pairts o Halyruid, excludin Halyruid Park, is near-haund synonymous wi the Canongate an Dumbiedykes auries.

Halyruid includes the follaein steids:

  1. The modren Scots Pairlament Biggin.
  2. The Pailace o Halyruidhoose, the offeecial residence o the monarch in Scotland.
  3. The ruins o Halyruid Aibey
  4. Halyruid Pairk, an expansive ryal pairk surroondin the pailace.
  5. The Moray Hoose Schuil of Education.
  6. Our Dynamic Earth.
  7. A nummer o residential, licht commercial, an govrenment haudins.

Halyruid is aften uised as a metonym for the institution o the Scots Pairlament.

Coordinates: 55°57′03″N 3°10′50″W / 55.9508°N 3.1806°W / 55.9508; -3.1806