The Harbin Hafei Automobile Industry Group Co Ltd (Cheenese: 哈飞汽车) is a Cheenese hauldin company whose subsidiaries mak minivans, sma motor vehicles an automobile ingines.[1] Subsidiaries include the auto-makin Hafei Motor Co Ltd[2] an the ingine maker Harbin Dongan Auto Ingine Co (SSE: 600178), which is leetit on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.[3]

Harbin HF Automobile Industry Group Co Ltd
HeidquartersHarbin, Cheenae
ProductsMotor vehicles
ParentChang'an Automobile Group

Hafei branded caurs mey be rare ootside o thair hame region o north-eastren Cheenae.[4]


Hafei centre in Chile

Hafei wis umwhile awned bi Aviation Industry Corporation o Cheenae.[5] But promptit bi Cheenese State policy encouragin the consolidation o automakers, in 2009 the state-run parent o Chongqing Changan Automobile (SZSE: 000625) teuk ower maist Hafei-relatit assets[5][6] includin Harbin Hafei Automobile Industry Group an Harbin Dongan Auto Ingine (SSE: 600178).[5]

As o 2009, the company haes exportit products tae a tot o 40 nations,[1] includin Roushie.[7]


Products include:

Production basesEedit

Hafei haes production facilities in northren Cheenae.[13]


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