Gosh, Armenie

Gosh (Armenie: Գոշ) is a veelage locatit in the Tavush Province o Armenie. It is namit efter Mkhitar Gosh who teuk pairt in the re-biggin o the aulder monastery o Nor Ghetik durin the 12t-13t centuries, which haed been destroyed bi an earthquake in 1188. The newly biggit monastery wis later namit Goshavank in honor o Mkhitar. Goshavank is locatit juist aff the main heich-gate that runs through toun. On a hillside wast o the monastery complex sits a chapel that serves as the tomb o Mkhitar Gosh. It wis situatit tae owerleuk the monastery in which he helpit build. The chapel is square in plan wi a single centrally locatit dome abuin an ane portal. Nearbi are the ruins o wha are said tae be Mkhitar's hoose. Stane foondations an law waws still exist.

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Gosh Գոշ is located in Armenie
Gosh Գոշ
Coordinates: 40°43′21″N 45°00′12″E / 40.72250°N 45.00333°E / 40.72250; 45.00333
Marz (Province)Tavush
 • Total1,079
Time zoneUTC+4 ( )
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 ( )



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