Glesga Cathedral

By the 12t century Glesga haed been gien the staundin o whit can nou be cryed a ceity an the cathedral wis the saite o the Bishops an Archbishops o Glesga. While there micht hae been widden biggins on the site, the first stane cathedral wis consecrate in aboot 1136 an gotten rid o for a muckler ane that wis consecrate in 1197. Extensions an alterins tae the cathedral biggins haes gaen on sinsyne. The maist recent addition is the Millenium Windae unveiled on 3 June 1999 by Princess Anne.

Glesga Cathedral
The Cathedral o Saunt Mungo
The front o Glesga Cathedral, frae Cathedral Square
Glesga Cathedral is located in Central Glesga
Glesga Cathedral
Glesga Cathedral
Location in central Glesga
55°51′47″N 4°14′05″W / 55.8630°N 4.2346°W / 55.8630; -4.2346Coordinates: 55°51′47″N 4°14′05″W / 55.8630°N 4.2346°W / 55.8630; -4.2346
DenominationKirk o Scotland
Previous denominationRoman Catholicism (1137-1500s)
DedicationSaunt Mungo
Functional statusHeich Kirk
Meenister(s)Rev'd Dr David Easton (Interim Moderator)
AssistantRev'd Dr Edmund Jones (Locum Meenister)
Director o muisicAndrew Forbes
Organist(s)Dr Malcolm Sim
Flouer guildNorma A Clarkson-Gorman