Caiptain George Duff RN (c. 1 Februar 1764 – 21 October 1805) wis a Breetish naval officer in the American War o Unthirldom, the French Revolutionary Wars an the Napoleonic Wars, that wis killed bi a cannonbaw at the Battle o Trafalgar.

George Duff
Captain George Duff (1764–1805).jpg
Caiptain George Duff bi Henry Raeburn
Born1 Februar 1764(1764-02-01)
Banff, Scotland
Died21 October 1805(1805-10-21) (aged 41)
Cause o daith
Killt in action
Restin place
Buiried at sea
NaitionalityScotland Scottish
ThriftRyal Navy Officer
Hauf-marrae(s)Sophia Dirom 1764–1827
ChilderNorwich Duff 1792–1862
Mary Anne Fotheringham Duff 1794–1796
Jemima Duff 1799–1803
Georgina Helen Duff
Anna Margaret Duff