Gaza Govrenorate

The Gaza Govrenorate (Arabic: محافظة غزة‎) is ane o 16 Govrenorates o Palestine locatit in the north central Gaza Strip which is admeenistered bi the Palestinian Naitional Authority aside frae its mairch wi Israel, airspace an maritime territory. Accordin tae the Palestinian Central Bureau o Statistics, the destrict's population wis 505,700 in 2006. Aw o its seats wur wan bi Hamas members in the 2006 parliamentary elections. It is govrened b Mohammed Qadoura.

The govrenorate consists o ane ceety, three touns an a nummer o refugee camps.



Veelage cooncilsEedit

Refugee campsEedit



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Coordinates: 31°31′N 34°27′E / 31.52°N 34.45°E / 31.52; 34.45