Gabriel de Rochechouart, Duke o Mortemart

Gabriel de Rochechouart, Duke o Mortemart (1600 - 26 December 1675) wis a French nobleman an duke. He wis also a friend o Keeng Louis XIII. He wis also the Militar governor o Paris frae 1669-1675.

Gabriel de Rochechouart
Duke o Mortemart
The Duke o Mortemart.
Full name
Gabriel de Rochechouart
Dee'd26 December 1675
Hôtel de Mortemart, Paris, Fraunce
Noble faimilyHoose o Rochechouart
Spoose(s)Diane de Grandseigne
FaitherGaspard de Rochechouart, Marquis o Mortemart
MitherLouise de Maure



A son o Gaspard de Rochechouart, Marquis o Mortemart, an o his wife Louise de Maure, the Rochechouarts war considered tae be ane o the maist distinguished o French noble faimilies. He wis kent as the Marquis o Vivonne in infancy, a subsidiary teetle which wis raised tae a dukedom in 1668 bi King Louis XIII.


  1. Louis Victor de Rochechouart, Duke o Mortemart (25 August 1636 - 15 December 1688) mairit Antoinette Louise de Mesmes an haed issue.
  2. Gabrielle de Rochechouart (1633 – 12 September 1693) mairit Claude Léonor Damas, Marquis o Thianges an haed issue.
  3. Françoise de Rochechouart mairit Louis Henri de Pardaillan, Marquis o Montespan an haed issue. An aa mistress o Louis XIV o Fraunce, an haed issue.
  4. Marie Christine de Rochechouart (?-?) little kent aboot her.
  5. Marie Madeleine Gabrielle Adélaïde de Rochechouart (1645 – 15 August 1704) nwever mairit. Abbess o Fontevraud.

Teetles an styles

  • 1600 – 25 Julie 1643 The Marquis o Vivonne.
  • 25 Julie 1643 – 23 December 1663 The Marquis o Mortemart.
  • 23 December 1663 – 26 December 1675 The Duke o Mortemart, Duke o Vivonne.

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