Friedrich Christian Anton "Fritz" Lang (December 5, 1890 – August 2, 1976) wis a German-Austrian filmmaker, screenwriter, an occasional film producer an actor.[1] Ane o the baist kent émigrés frae Germany's schuil o Expressionism, he wis dubbed the "Master o Darkness" bi the Breetish Film Institute.[2] His maist famous films include the grundbreakin Metropolis (the warld's maist expensive silent film at the time o its release), an M, made afore he moved tae the Unitit States, which is considered tae be a precursor tae the film noir genre.

Fritz Lang
Lang (richt) on the set o Woman in the Moon
BornFriedrich Christian Anton Lang
5 December 1890(1890-12-05)
Vienna, Austrick-Hungary
Dee'd2 August 1976(1976-08-02) (aged 85)
Beverly Hills, Californie, U.S.
ThriftFilm director, film producer
Years active1919–1960
Hauf-marrae(s)Lisa Rosenthal (1919–1921)
Thea von Harbou (1922–1933)
Lily Latté (1971–1976)
Fritz Lang 1969.


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