François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand (French: [fʁɑ̃swa mɔʁis mitɛˈʁɑ̃] ( listen)) (26 October 1916 – 8 Januar 1996) wis the 21st Preses o Fraunce, servin frae 1981 till 1995.

François Mitterrand
Reagan Mitterrand 1984 (cropped 2).jpg
21st Preses o Fraunce
In office
21 Mey 1981 – 17 Mey 1995
Prime Meenister
Precedit biValéry Giscard d'Estaing
Succeedit biJacques Chirac
Co-Prince o Andorrae
In office
21 Mey 1981 – 17 Mey 1995
Prime Meenister
RepresentativeJean-Yves Caullet
Precedit biValéry Giscard d'Estaing
Succeedit biJacques Chirac
First Secretar o the Socialist Pairty
In office
16 Juin 1971 – 24 Januar 1981
Precedit biAlain Savary
Succeedit biLionel Jospin
Meenister o Justice
In office
31 Januar 1956 – 12 Juin 1957
PresesRene Coty
Prime MeenisterGuy Mollet
Precedit biRobert Schuman
Succeedit biEdouard Corniglion-Molinier
Meenister o the Interior
In office
19 Juin 1954 – 23 Februar 1955
PresesRene Coty
Prime MeenisterPierre Mendès-France
Precedit biLéon Martinaud-Deplat
Succeedit biMaurice Bourgès-Maunoury
Meenister-Delegate tae the Cooncil o Europe
In office
28 Juin 1953 – 4 September 1953
PresesVincent Auriol
Prime MeenisterJoseph Laniel
Precedit biPierre Pflimlin (1952)
Succeedit biEdgar Faure (1958)
Meenister o State
In office
20 Januar 1952 – 28 Februar 1952
PresesVincent Auriol
Prime MeenisterEdgar Faure
Meenister o Owerseas Fraunce
In office
12 Julie 1950 – 15 August 1951
PresesVincent Auriol
Prime MeenisterRené Pleven
Henri Queuille
Precedit biPaul Coste-Floret
Succeedit biLouis Jacquinot
Meenister o Veterans an War Victims
In office
24 November 1947 – 19 Julie 1948
PresesVincent Auriol
Prime MeenisterRobert Schuman
Precedit biDaniel Mayer
Succeedit biAndré Maroselli
In office
22 Januar 1947 – 21 October 1947
PresesVincent Auriol
Prime MeenisterRobert Schuman
Precedit biMax Lejeune
Succeedit biDaniel Mayer
Personal details
BornFrançois Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand
26 October 1916(1916-10-26)
Jarnac, Fraunce
Dee'd8 Januar 1996(1996-01-08) (aged 79)
Paris, Fraunce
Poleetical pairtyUDSR (1945–1964)
CIR (1964–1971)
Socialist Pairty (1971–1996)
Spoose(s)Danielle Gouze (1944–1996)
Alma materVarsity o Paris
Free Schuil o Poleetical Studies
WabsteidFrançois Mitterrand Institute


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