The Finnic (Fennic) or Baltic Finnic (Balto-Finnic, Balto-Fennic) leids[nb 1] are a branch o the Uralic leid faimily spoken aroond the Baltic Sea bi aboot 7 million fowk. some o the finnic leids are in the middle o a byleid an a leid, sic as Meänkieli, Kven an Ludic. Some fowk forby sae thit the rauma byleid maucht bi hits awn leid.[7]

Baltic Finnic
EthnicityBaltic Finns
Northern Fennoscandia, Baltic states, Northwastren Roushie
Lingueestic clessificationUralic
  • Finnic

Notes eedit

  1. Ootside Finland, the term Finnic leids haes tradeetionally been uised as a synonym o the extensive group o Finno-Permic leids, includin the Baltic Finnic, Volga Finnic, Permic an Saami leids.[2][3] At the same time, Finnish scholars hae restrictit it tae the Baltic Finnic leids;[4] the survey volume The Uralic Languages uises the Laitinate spellin Fennic tae distinguish this Baltic Finnic (Balto-Fennic) uise frae the broader Wastren sense o the wird.[5] In 2009, the 16t edeetion o Ethnologue: Languages of the World abandoned the Finno-Permic clade awthegither an adoptit the nomenclatur o Finnish scholars.[6]

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