Fiji Hindi, also kent as Fijian Hindi or Fijian Hindustani, is the leid spoken bi maist Fijian ceetizens o Indie strynd, though a smaa nummer speak ither leids at home.[1] It is a fairm o the Awadhi variety o Hindi, influenced bi Bhojpuri, nae o Hindustani itself. It haes also borrowed a lairge nummer o wirds frae Fijian an Inglis. A lairge nummer o wirds, unique tae Fiji Hindi, hae been creatit tae cater for the new environment that Indo-Fijians nou live in. First-generation Fiji Indians, who uised the leid as a lingua franca in Fiji, referred tae it as Fiji Baat (Fiji talk).

Fiji Hindi
फिजी बात or Fiji Baat
Native taeFiji, wi significant minorities
within Canada, Australie
an New Zealand an the
Unitit States o Americae.
Native speakers
(380,000 in Fiji citit 1990)[1]
Latin, Devanagari script
Leid codes
ISO 639-3hif


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