Exit-13 wis a grindcore baund frae Millersville, Pennsylvania. The baund wur formed in 1989 bi Relapse Records foonder an co-awner Bill Yurkiewicz (vocals), guitarist Steve O'Donnell an bassist Joel DiPietro. Their early recordins, includin the Disembowelling Party, The Unrequited Love of Chicken Soup an Eat More Crust demos (aw 1989), their debut fully-length Green Is Good (1990) an the EPs The Unrequited Love of Chicken Soup (1990) an Spare the Wrench, Surrender the Earth (1991) featured a line-up o Yurkiewicz, O'Donnell an DiPietro, wi drum duties being shared atween Bill Schaeffer an Pat McCahan.

Exit-13 unnerwent a line-up chynge prior tae 1994's Ethos Musick, an recruitit the rhythm section of Dan Lilker, famous for his wirk wi Anthrax, Nuclear Assault an Brutal Truth on bass guitar, an his Brutal Truth baund-mate Scott Lewis on drums. Brutal Truth's vocalist Kevin Sharp an aa providit backin vocals. Future line-ups wur tae include Bliss Blood (o Pain Teens), Richard Hoak (o Brutal Truth) an Dave Witte (o Burnt by the Sun, Discordance Axis an Municipal Waste), amangst ithers.[1][2]

The band's leerics mainly focused on environmental issues (wi open support tae radical groups like Earth First!), but an aa concentrate on social issues. The baund an aa supportit the decreeminalization o marijuana.



Last recordin line-up


Ither members

  • Scott Lewis (drums)
  • Joel DiPietro (bass)
  • Pat McCahan (drums)
  • Bill Shaeffer (drums)
  • Dave Witte (drums)


  • 1989: Disembowelling Party (demo)
  • 1989: The Unrequited Love of Chicken Soup (demo)
  • 1989: Eat More Crust (demo)
  • 1990: Green Is Good (Ecocentric Records)
  • 1990: The Unrequited Love of Chicken Soup EP (Thrash Records)
  • 1991: Spare the Wrench, Surrender the Earth EP (Relapse)
  • 1993: Don't Spare The Green Love compilation (Relapse)
  • 1994: Ethos Musick (Relapse)
  • 1995: Split 7" EP with Multiplex (HG Fact)
  • 1995: ...Just A Few More Hits (Relapse)
  • 1996: Split CD with Hemdale (Visceral Productions)
  • 1996: Gout d'Belgium/Black Weakeners (Relapse)
  • 1996: Smoking Songs (Relapse)
  • 2004: Relapse Singles Series Vol. 4, split with Phobia, Goreaphobia an Amorphis (Relapse)
  • 2007: High Life! compilation (Relapse)


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