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The epididymis (/ɛpˈdɪdmɪs/; plural: epididymides /ɛpdˈdɪmədz/ or /ɛpˈdɪdəmɪdz/) is a tube that connects a testicle tae a vas deferens in the male reproductive seestem. It is present in aw male reptiles, birds, an mammals. It is a single, narrae, tichtly-coiled tube (in adult humans, sax tae seiven meters in lenth[1]) connectin the efferent ducts frae the rear o each testicle tae its vas deferens.

Adult human testicle wi epididymis: A. Head of epididymis, B. Body o epididymis, C. Tail o epididymis, an D. Vas deferens
The richt testis, exposed bi layin open the tunica vaginalis.
Precursor Wolffian duct
Vein Pampiniform plexus
Laitin Epididymis
MeSH A05.360.444.371
FMA 18255
Anatomical terminology


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