Efrain Loyola

Cuban flautist

Efrain Loyola (18 December 1916 – 2 Aprile 2011) wis a Cuban flautist frae Cienfuegos, wha haed the distinction o bein ane o the auldest active flautists in the warld, haed a career that spanned ower 7 decades an for a period, wis a caiptain in the Cuban militia an focht in the Weir agin the Bandits.[1]

Early life eedit

Loyola wrocht as a shoeshine lad an a baker tae mak a livin while learnin an playin flute. Some of his earliest wark wis wi the hunder-year-auld Banda Municipal de Conciertos o Cienfuegos (Municipal Concert Baund o Cienfuigos), whaur he stairtit playin in 1937.[2]

Career eedit

Amang the groups wi whilk Loyola wrocht wur the Conjunto Tradicional de Sones Los Naranjos, the Ritmica 39 an his awn baund, the Efrain Loyola Orchestra.

Awairds an merits eedit

Loyola wis gien amaist 150 acknowledgments an awairds in his lifetime, includin: "Wirthy Memmer o the Writers an Airtists Association o Cuba (UNEAC)", "Distinguished Son o Cienfuegos Ceety", "The Jagua Awaird" an the order o Jesús Menéndez, grantit bi the Cuban Wirkers' Organisation.

Loyola wis aften seen in elegant suits an wi a walkin stick, on the main streets o Cienfuegos, wi his hair straightened in the 1950s style. He wis a Danzón fan an admirer o Miguelito Cuní an wis considert an authority on Cuban muisical history an aw.

Loyola wis leadin his baund regularly up till his daith. He wis buriet in the local cemetery o his hame toun o Cienfuegos bi friends, faimily an admirers.

Legacy eedit

Loyola's son, José Loyola, is the current director o the baund Charanga de Oro.

Instrument eedit

Loyola played a “Celeste” flute, namit efter the Cuban flautist an luthier “Celestino Dias Flores”, wha maintained an standardised the firthen 5 key type needit tae play charangas wi the proper colour efter the Böehm seestem appeared an maist manufacturers stoppit makkin the 5 an 6 key firthen flutes.[3]

Discografie eedit

Loyola haes appeared on dozens o Orquesta Aragón records an ither releases that hae yet tae be properly catalogued on the World Wide Web frae their Spainyie-Cuban soorces.

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