Edwin George Morgan OBE (27 Aprile 1920 – 17 August 2010)[1] wis a Scots makar an translator that wis associate wi the Scots Renaissance. He is widely kent as ane o the foremaist Scots poets o the 20t century.[2] In 1999, Morgan wis makkit the first Glesca Poet Laureate. In 2004, he wis named as the first Scots naitional poet: the Scots Makar.[3]

Edwin Morgan
The Scots Makar (en) Owerset

2004 - 2010
Personal details
BirthGlesga Apryle 27, 1920
DiedGlesga August 17, 2010
Manner o daithnatural causes (en) Owerset (pneumonia)
EddicationGlesga University
Stonelaw High School (en) Owerset
Leids spokenInglis
Thriftlinguist (en) Owerset, poet, translator (en) Owerset, screiver, literary critic (en) Owerset, university teacher (en) Owerset, science fiction writer (en) Owersetan visual poet (en) Owerset
EmployerGlesga University
Member oRoyal Society of Edinburgh (en) Owerset
Royal Society of Literature (en) Owerset
MovementScots Renaissance
Militar service
Militar branchBreetish Airmy
ConflictWarld War II

Ane o his poems "Poem for the Opening of the Scottish Parliament" wis rade by Liz Lochhead at the appenin o the Scots Pairliament biggin oan 9 October 2004. She becam the Scots Makar hersel.[3]

His maist kenspeckle warks are aftimes taucht in schuils[4][5][6]

  • "Winter"
  • "In the Snackbar"
  • "Glasgow 5 March 1971"
  • "Good Friday"
  • "Trio"
  • Glasgow Sonnet (I)
  • "Starlings in George Square" (1968)
  • "The Death of Marilyn Monroe" (1962)
  • "A Good Year for Death" (1977)

Early life


Morgan wis born in Glesga on 27 Apryle 1920 tae Presbyterian parents. His faither wis ae clerk an then director fur steel an airn merchants Arnott, Young and Co. He convinced his parents tae pit up the membership fee fur sindry buik clubs ootthrou the city an tuik pairteecular interest in poetry, wi the Faber Book of Modern Verse bein ae "revelation" tae him.[7]




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