Ed Asner

(Reguidit frae Edward Asner)

Eddie Asner (born November 15, 1929) is an American film, telly, an stage actor, vyce actor, an an umwhile preses o the Screen Actors Guild. He is primarily kent for his role as Lou Grant during the 1970s an early 1980s, on baith The Mary Tyler Moore Show an its spin-off series Lou Grant, makin him ane o the few telly actors tae portray the same leadin character in baith a comedy an a drama. He is an aa kent for portrayin Santa Claus in the 2003 comedy Elf. In 2009, he starned as the vyce o Carl Fredricksen in Pixar's animatit film Up.

Ed Asner
Ed Asner in 2017.jpg
Asner in 2017
BornEddie Asner
(1929-11-15) 15 November 1929 (age 91)
Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.[1]
EddicationWyandotte Heich School
Alma materVarsity o Chicago
ThriftActor, poleetical activist, voice actor
Years active1957–present
Hame tounChicago, Illinois
Poleetical pairty
Democratic Pairty
Hauf-marrae(s)Nancy Sykes (1959–1988, divorced)
Cindy Gilmore (1998– present, separatit 2007)


  1. Asner clearly explains his birthplace at 0:0:45 o his Archive of American Television interview for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, available at Video on YouTube.