Early Scots wis the emergin leid o the Northren Middle Inglis speakin pairts o Scotland in the while afore 1450. The northren teeps of Middle Inglis descendit frae the Northumbrie byleid o Auld Inglis. At this time, spikkers cried the leid 'Inglis' (or ither siclyk variations lyk Ynglis).

Early Scots
RegionScots Lawlands
EraDeveloped intae Middle Scots bi the mid-15t century
Early form
Leid codes
ISO 639-3
Ane interpretation o the linguistic divide in 1400, based on place-name evidence.

Early examples sic as John Barbour’s The Brus an Andrew o Wyntoun’s Chronicle are best explaint as pairt o Northren Middle Inglis as weel as forerinners o later Scots. The nemm Scots wisnae applied tae the leid until later, in the Middle Scots period.