Dornberk (pronounced [ˈdoːɾnbɛɾk]; Italian: Montespino) is a veelage in wastren Slovenie in the Ceety Municipality o Nova Gorica.[2] It is locatit in the Vipava Valley athin the Gorizia region o the Slovenie Littoral. Dornberk is the centre o a local commonty that includes the satellite dounsets o Potok pri Dornberku, Saksid, Brdo, Tabor, Draga, Zalošče, an Budihni. The entire local commonty haes a population o aroond 1,800.


Zali Hrib (1948–1952)
Dornberk is located in Slovenie
Location in Slovenie
Coordinates: 45°53′21.08″N 13°44′9″E / 45.8891889°N 13.73583°E / 45.8891889; 13.73583Coordinates: 45°53′21.08″N 13°44′9″E / 45.8891889°N 13.73583°E / 45.8891889; 13.73583
Kintra Slovenie
Tradeetional regionSlovenie Littoral
Statistical regionGorizia
MunicipalityNova Gorica
 • Total1.08 km2 (0.42 sq mi)
60.7 m (199.1 ft)
 • Total795

Name eedit

The Slovene name o the veelage comes frae German Dornberg, meanin 'thorn hill'. This wis the offeecial name till the end o Warld War I an aw, when the veelage came unner Italian admeenistration. At first, the Italians uised a Italianized version o the tradeetional name o the veelage, Dorimbergo, but durin the Fascist period the name wis Italianisit tae Montespino, which is a leeteral Italian translation o the German name. Efter Warld War II, the veelage briefly reacquired its auld name, but in 1948, the name wis chyngit again acause o its German soond, an the name Zali Hrib (leeterally, 'fair hill') wis inventit. The locals rejectit the new designation an demandit the auld name back. The name o the dounset wis chyngit tae Dornberk in 1952, but the feenal -g wis replacit wi a -k.[3] Nivertheless, the locals still refer tae it as Dornberg rather than Dornberk. This phonetic difference is no perceivit in staundart Slovene, in which the feenal voicit velar stap /g/ is pronooncit as voiceless /k/. Housomeivver, in the local Karst dialect spoken in the lawer Vipava Valley, /g/ haes developit intae the voicit glottal fricative /ɦ/, an aften a voiceless glottal fricative at the end o wirds.

Kirk eedit

The pairish kirk in the dounset is dedicatit tae the Prophet Daniel an belangs tae the Diocese o Koper.

The aurie o Dornberk is kent for the production o wine an fruits, especially peaches, apricots, an peirs.

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References eedit

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